Sometimes I'm asked, "Where does your music come from?"


Sometimes it's a story I want to tell,  history or fiction.  Sometimes it's someone else's story -   for example:


Origin of Carla's song, “When I Dream with You"


     At one of my first meetings of The Compassionate Friends, I attended two of Carla's dream workshops.  I was amazed to watch the transformation of a group of breaved mothers who were from being tired, frightened and depressed,  feel more rested, excited and hopeful.   I'm not saying the whole class leaped from grief to joy in a single night, but everyone who came back for a second session returned with a smile and a measure of hope they didn't have before.

     One women tearfully told us how she feared nightmares so much that she avoided sleep to the point of near physical breakdown.  With careful instruction from Carla and a new set of interpretive tools, this dear bereaved mother began to look forward to appearances of her child in her dreams.  She no longer woke with tears of frustration but instead tears of joy for a dream conveying a new memory, a smile or a simple reassurance from her deceased child.  Going to bed with hope rather than fear set the tone for a new pathway  to dreaming and a more restful night. 

     Carla's journey from personal tragedy to creative guide for healing was inspiring.  I vividly imagined her own horrific loss and contrasted that with the smiling gentle women as I  witnessed  this room full of kindred spirits find a new peace.    

      And so, I wrote "When I Dream with You".  The song is not an accurate re-telling of her story (for that you MUST read her book) but it does, I hope, capture its emotion and purpose. 


You can hear a sample of "When I dream With You"  on my mp3  page.