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A few weeks ago, Melinda and I worked the I-know-expo to share our Nerium Buiz with both vendors and attendies. It was a new and different experience for me. At no time in history have there been more products and services for the who are entering into 'senior' status.

I encourage all of you who have parents that are in need of added mobilty or home care or stratagies to continue living in their own home as long as they can - to seriously look at the new options out there.

We saw all kinds of tools to make up for declining health - and I was struck that the health club gym was one of the very few resources designed to pro-activly avoid decline in the first place. Well, that and the new product WE were talking about <G>

It was a pleasure working with my wife as we shared our anti-aging skin care products AND started introducing people to the brand new product, EHT , designed to promote greater focus and over-all brain health.

My friends, lets all share ways to stay as healthy and sharp for as long as we can !

I want my world to be filled with the laughter and music of all my friends for as long as I can keep them !

#health #skincare #Nerium

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